TED’s Garden

Dudleya attenuata

Update: Sadly Ted passed away November 24th, 2019. Here’s a great tribute by Bart O’Brien, President of California Horticultural Society.

You know the term, a man’s man? Well if there’s such thing as a gardener’s garden…this is the place.  What a treat it was to visit Ted Kipping’s private oasis over in the Glen Park neighborhood.  When Ted isn’t traveling to exotic locations seeking out rare plants in habitat or working his business at Tree Shapers, he’s constantly tweeking his garden.

Scleranthus biflorus

Ted has several hypertufaesque containers tucked in throughout his space. After I stopped drooling over that first pic of the Dudleya attenuata, I saw his Scleranthus biflorus, which was looking lusher than ours.

Lewisia cotyledon

I had a bunch of those…wow, why didn’t I think of that moments.  Here’s a plant we have in our garden, but his Lewisia cotyledon looked way more cooler than ours.  He does some amazing mini landscapes, and certainly influenced us to make our alpine container about a month back.

Dierama bee love

Megan tells me that Dierama are hot right now. The bee and me would have to agree.  Sometimes called Fairy’s Fishing Rods, they fall in the same family as Crocosmia and put on quite a show.

Begonia foliosa var. miniata
Agave parryi

Agave parryi, always a fave.  Slow growing, its gray spiky foliage spans to about a 30-inch diameter.  Stunning accent plant, indeed.

Bromeliad fence

His Bro Fence was sweet. Ted shared with us a little trick.  He uses a variety of Bromeliads to fill in holes and gaps within his garden until he finds just the right plant for that space.  Since many Bros are easy to transplant and move around…they work well for his technique.  Small potted plants work the same way.  Brilliant.

Brugmansia & Blue Sky

Gratuitous Brugmansia and blue sky shot. It was one of those gorgeous fall days.

Plectranthus awesomus

Score! Ted dropped us a couple cuttings including a pinch of this shady loving limey Plectranthus.  It’s gonna look great on our shady side.
You rock Ted!

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