Driftwood Insanity in the Sunset

Aeonium nobile

Our love of driftwood was solidified when we lived in Outer Sunset next to the beach. Post from March 2012. We haven’t checked in lately, so we’re not sure if it’s still there. 

Whoever created this work of garden awesomeness rocks! It’s on 44th avenue around Pacheco maybe (I can’t remember, but I’m pretty sure it’s south of Noriega).

 Succulent driftwood container of happiness

Succulents on the street

Ceanothus and super sweet fence

The fence was still a work in progress last time we visited, but we knew it was going to turn out amazing.  Looks like they used bits of reclaimed wood mixed in with driftwood. Hurray for Ceanothus bloom time!

Sexy Salvia africana-lutea

One of my favorite Salvias. It’s gotta be the orangey-rust blooms. Now I know I planted ours in a ridiculous spot seeing how big they get. Ooops. I seem to have a problem with size denial… “It won’t really get THAT big”.

More happy border
Driftwoody container

It’s been awhile since we’ve visited our old part of town. We’ll investigate if this garden still around.

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