About US

Plant nerd alert! We’re plant freak, renters in the Bayview neighborhood of San Francisco who love flora and all the fun fauna they bring to the backyard.

We first moved to the Outer Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco from Madison, Wisconsin in 2007.  As avid Midwestern gardeners, we were in awe of all the cool shit we could grow and had a lot of fun with succulents. We got hooked and took City College’s Plant ID classes which made botanical Latin way less scary and opened up our world. 

In 2012 we moved back to Madison, had our daughter Zoe. One year of real winter was enough, so we moved to Oakland in 2013. After a year of fun gardening in the sun, heat and clay we moved back to San Francisco. 

When we’re not gardening, we love checking out other gardens, road tripping and Willie Nelson concerts.