Bowling Ball Garden

Coleus love

Only a couple blocks away is one of my favorite gardens in town. These are pics from last year, but I’ve already checked and they have a bunch of fabulous coleus planted again. I love coleus so much I have an entire post dedicated to it.

I’m usually indifferent about garden art and sculptures, but these bowling balls at different heights are so good. The purple paint job makes the funky coleus pop.

The dinosaur guarding from the hosta bed with a snake buddy is also wonderful.

The coleus party keeps on going next to the street.

Love the little Echinacea mix brightening up the side of the driveway. Any time someone is planting something other than grass in traditional lawn areas it makes me happy.

The purple house is next door to the zinnia party house, and keep the party going with this fun mix that has some orange cactus blooms in there.


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