Crazy Coleus Lady

Wisconsin Dells Coleus July 27, 2017

Where is the cheapest place in Dane County to get multi-packs of coleus? I’m serious, guard your coleus if I’m around. I’m going to be travelling with little baggies of sphagnum moss for taking cuttings where ever I go. It’s really the only plant you need for pretty much everything and so easy to propagate via cuttings. Especially if you’re in to crazy containers like the one pictured above in the Dells. They went nuts and I love it.

Wisconsin Dells Coleus, July 27, 2017

The same coleus artist created this other Dells container masterpiece with more of a color scheme going on and some sweet potato vine mixers. Coleus being used with wild abandon is something I’m looking forward to back in Wisconsin. It’s kind of a water lover or at least liker, definitely not drought tolerant.

Olbrich Gardens August 10, 2012

It’s interesting to look back on the coleus extravaganza at Olbrich Gardens back in 2012 compared to 2017.

Olbrich Gardens August , 2012

Someone posted this old coleus pic from our flickr account to Pinterest months ago and it receives a freakish amount of views everyday. It’s okay, but it does not deserve the views it receives. Sorry coleus picture.

Olbrich Gardens July 24, 2017

Look at the deeper colors five years later in the same spot. Love the spider plants tucked in. I can’t wait to see what kind of of coleus fun they have here this year. I haven’t even bothered with learning names, but Olbrich does a wonderful job here with signage. I mostly care if it’s a “thrill” (tall) “fill” medium or “spill” type.

Olbrich Gardens July 24, 2017

Look how they just tucked a few red burgundy and limey green guys in among a bunch of my favorite annuals to break up all the green foliage. Olbrich Garden’s plant palettes are always amazing.

Olbrich Gardens July 24, 2017

Check out the super tall red guy on the left!!! Love the hot pink and orange with big tropical foliage in the back. Seriously Olbrich, you guys do such an amazing job.

Our Madison deck August 8, 2012

Back when we were in Madison to have Zoe I picked up some multipack coleus along with some fun Begonias. I’m always amazed to see what sells as annuals in the Midwest. I can still get my fuchsia fix just not all year long. Every fall do people just chop up their plants and propagate more for next spring? One coleus plant could easily turn in to twelve. Lots of stuff is relatively easy to start including fuchsias, and I’m going to need something to do when it’s freezing. I just may be that weirdo knocking on your door asking if I can take cuttings.

Our SF garden September 2, 2016

I bought coleus for the SF garden sometimes and have no idea where I got this guy, but I’m going to guess the Half Moon Bay Nursery. Sometimes you have to treat yourself. You can see his little Plectranthus argentatus cousin peeking out from underneath. .

Embarcadero Coleus September 29, 2016

I always admired the plants at the Embarcadero buildings across from the Ferry Building including this all coleus container. If you’re looking for more coleus inspiration, Pam Baggett at Fine Gardening is also a big coleus fan and has excellent details about growing these cool plants along with more amazing coleus container pics at Fine Gardening’s All About Growing Coleus.

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