Grilling Up Succulents

Oh the humanity! I’ve been feeling kind of bad about these guys for awhile now. They look so sad all jammed in that shallow little box. They don’t get a lot of sun these days either, since they’re on the winter shade side of the patio. We had a non-functional Weber grill out back, so…

Max is really proud of it. Not all of the plants in the box made it to the grill. A lucky passer by picked up a big box of Sedum rubrotinctum within minutes of me putting it on the curb. I really jammed them in, but that just means I’ll have to rearrange again in six months. It’s a big step up from the torture box. We used screen to keep the dirt from falling out the holes on the bottom, and threw some gravel in the bottom for drainage.

Here it is in its new home behind Matti’s jade tree.  It’s going to get hit with crap falling on it from our neighbor’s crapilious Myoporum laetum tree, which can sometimes piss off certain plants, but it mostly just pisses us off. Matti replaced the half rotting handle with a wine cork and handle from the top of the grill. He cleaned it up too. 

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