Countless Cacti

California Cactus Center

California Cactus Center was on our list of places to check out.  Glad we did.  They have some cool skool specimens hanging out…and for sale.

Crazy amount of Cacti.

I’d be the first to admit…we really don’t have a lot of cactus in our garden, and wasn’t sure we had any.  But every time we do a big succulent pruning, we keep finding cacti underneath our faster growing plants.  Every time… “For Real?  …how long has that cactus been growing underneath there”.  We’ve all had those moments.

Haworthia limifolia

Here are some of the younger plants that fit into the ultra awesome category.  We don’t recall a label on this guy, but looks like some sort of variegated Haworthia limifolia.

Copiapoa tenuissima monstrose

Maybe it’s my sweet tooth talking but Copiapoa tenuissima forma mostruosa looks good enough to eat.  It has a dark purplish-black body with white hairy bits at the ends.  I heard it gets a brilliant yellow flower too when it blooms.

Haworthia cymbiformis ‘Variegata’

You could almost see right through the leave tips of this specimen.  Really, the whole plant was near transparent.  Man, it was like keeping bacon away from the dog not to take this Haworthia cymbiformis ‘Variegata’ home with us.

Lots o Plants.
Vertical planter.

The CA Cactus Center does pack it in tight.  Here’s a new take on the vertical (fill in the plant name) garden.  Great work picking out some rustic frame.

Maleenee Desert Gallery, California Cactus Center – Pasadena, CA

Being only a short 10 minutes away from Huntington Gardens, it was a no brainer to stop here.  BTW, there’s a great (ahhhh…well at least accessible) off-leash dog park in the neighborhood.

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