Pt. Richmond Fairy Home and Garden Tour

Fairy House on Washington Ave.

We left Davis for the first time in forever to go visit friends Pat and Bob in Point Richmond before we head back to Wisconsin. Pat and my mom met about 44 years ago in Madison when they were both pregnant (my mom with me). Whenever we visit I always want to check out the Wave Garden which I’ll post more about later, but now there are adorable tiny little fairy houses on Washington Street. Created by comic book artist Jimmie Robinson, each tiny house is made to match the the people who live on the block. For tons more info about Little Point Richmond and Jimmie visit Jennifer Rhode’s post. I’m a huge fan of tiny things and cooking on TikTok and included a few of my favorites at the bottom, along with pics of my dorky digital dollhouse creations.

My new camera AKA phone took smaller vertical pictures than I thought it would, or maybe I messed up something when I pulled them off the cloud. I’m not sure what happened, so I put them in the artful gallery below.

So many fun plants and fairy houses to see walking up and down the hills. We learned that deer and gophers run rampant in these parts. I can’t even imagine the frustration of that combo.

Limonium and friends in Pat’s garden
Cotyledon orbiculata var. oblonga ‘Flavida’ in Pat’s garden

I LOVE the grown up dollhouses and miniature makers on TikTok, among many things. The tiny food preparers are fascinating, too. It’s nice to experience the hobby vicariously through their videos and if I’m looking for something to do when it’s 2 degrees outside next winter in Wisconsin miniatures could be my new thing. I’m joking, I’ve been playing the digital dollhouse game Sims for 20 years. I’m so nerdy I recently modded my digital rubber tree from plain green to the ones below. My Sims can even choose from a selection of Sansevierias I made using Sim 4 Studio and pictures of real ones. I’ve created digital wallpaper, Talaveras tiles, rugs, couches, fancy photographs by famous photographers, vintage posters, updated bedding. It’s fun and free. Thanks to mods other people created my Sims can also trip on ayahuasca from a Shaman and have indoor grow houses among many other questionable things the regular game does not endorse.

I have Dracaenas, too… Here are a few of my favorite tiny thing accounts on TikTok:


Reply to @j3thrx We hope you ❤️ this tiny #Lasagna 🥺✨ • Help is win a Webby Award! Link in bio to vote for Tiny Talk: Tiny Sushi’ •

♬ Her movie soundtrack cover by Armin Mehdiz – arminmehdiz

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