California Carnivores, We’re Sad

Zoe in Damon’s special Sarracenia collection. May 21, 2017

We got the email that California Carnivores is shutting the doors to the public. It was twenty minutes after I discovered they have a newish TikTok account, which lessened the blow. They also have a YouTube channel with all kinds of excellent info about making your own bog garden and growing all kinds of carnies, plus there’s a ton of info about growing carnies on their website. They will continue to sell plants online as well. Damon and Peter deserve to be able to take weekends off, owning and running a nursery is not easy. I’m so happy we’ve been able to visit so many times over the years. Above is one of my all time favorite pictures of Zoe I’ve ever taken (it’s still my phone screen background) from Damon’s special collection area.

Flytrapville, June 26, 2010

I think the first time we made the trip to CC was in 2010 based on photographic evidence. We own not one, but TWO Conservatory of Flowers huge Chomp posters from their fabulous shows and I think we first heard about the nursery through the show there. When we first moved to SF we would look for free plants on craigslist. Someone was offering up pitcher plant root balls, so we picked them up from their porch in a little plastic baggie of sphagnum moss and I grew my first Sarracenias. It kind of felt like a drug deal, and Matti thought I was crazy. Here are a bunch of my favorite pics from the nursery over the years.

May 21, 2017
Sarracenia blooms, March 2, 2019

March 2, 2019
Butterworts (Pinguicula) Wreath, March 2nd, 2019
Cobra Plants, Darlingtonia californica June 26, 2010
Albany Pitcher Plant, Cephalotus follicularis May 21, 2017
Staghorn fern and Bromeliad party, May 21, 2017
Nepenthes and Tillandsias, March 2, 2019

Zoe and a giant Nepenthes, March 2, 2019
Zoe and a giant Nepenthes, November 20, 2016
Nepenthes sanguinea, May 31, 2011

This will always be my favorite carnie I’ve ever grown. I’m pretty sure it was purchased on our first visit to California Carnivores in 2010. One day a large colony of ants crawled in to one of its first pitchers, they all drowned in the pitcher and the plant got HUGE.

Zoe and fly trap costume, October 31, 2018

The venus fly trap costume I found at the Bayview Goodwill for $8 in September 2015. It’s one of my best thrifting scores over the years of finding cool stuff.

One thought on “California Carnivores, We’re Sad

  1. Love that y’all are blogging again! I am confused and inspired by the photo captioned “Cobra Plants, Darlingtonia californica June 26, 2010” what is going on there? Is that sphagnum moss piled over the Darlingtonia? Do they like that treatment? I realize you may not know but I still had to ask. Hope you’re loving Davis!

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