Best Indoor Succulents

I’m not one to usually post other people’s stuff, but when Uncommon Goods asked me if I’d post their indoor succulent infographic I checked it out and it’s legit. I’ve also been a huge fan of Uncommon Goods and their cool stuff for many years. Above is a little view of my strange indoor collection that sits on our sunny kitchen windowsill. The Adromischus in middle has been with us since we lived in Outer Sunset. 

 I’m usually the first one to tell people to not grow succulents inside unless you have rock star lighting. We live in zone 10 where they’re much easier to grow outside than in, so it’s hard to see the point. We have sunny spots  in front of our west facing kitchen windows and the bathroom window. I’ve been doing the cactus thing since a trip to Palm Springs. It works with my lazy watering schedule. We have a lot of sansevierias and just hopped on the hoya train. The true rockstar of indoor succulent gardening is Marah who has a fantastic collection under lights in our hometown of Madison, Wisconsin. 

Our bathroom Rhipsalis in its drainage free torture chamber. It got a little fried with the super hot temps about a month ago, but is recovering nicely.

The Euphorbia in the chicken has been with us since our Sunset days. We smuggled a few small houseplants in and out of the California when we moved back to Wisconsin. This guy survived in an unopened box for a month.

I’ve since updated the hanging plants as the spiders started to get in the way when they started having babies. They also grew out of those tiny pots pretty fast. Ripping them out of those hanging pots sucked and involved knives. 

A closer look at our vintage containers and cacti. That cholla on the far right was laying on the ground at our hotel in Borrego Springs, so I brought it home along with a ton of inexpensive baby cacti from Moorten Botanical Garden in Palm Springs. 

A freaky little stapeliad from a friend in a classy toilet ashtray we repurposed as a planter. We let the Verbena bonariense go wild out back. I love it when they poke up past the windows in the kitchen. 

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