Super Sage: Salvia iodantha

Originally posted November 2016. We sadly lost this poor guy this past summer during one of the heatwaves. My new favorite winter blooming Salvia is S. wagneriana.

When we moved back to California after a year in Wisconsin, I added Salvias to the list of plants I collect. Pelargoniums, Euphorbias, Fuchsias and Sansevierias are all on the list. If you want hummingbirds to fight over your garden all winter long Salvia iodantha is it. It’s also on my top 5 favorite plants growing in the backyard right now list.

It’s hard to believe this little strip of dirt was completely empty a little over two years ago. I planted the now ginormous S. iodantha from a wee 4″ pot.

All winter long it pops out these awesome hot pink blooms. The hummingbird loves it so much, he doesn’t even care when I walk up to him.

It’s a sprawler, but our neighbor’s fig tree has gotten big enough to act as a support for it. I’ve been able to easily root it by cuttings if anyone nearby wants some.

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