Australian Astroturf: We Love & Kinda Hate You

Originally posted: September 27, 2011
Update: I think we’ve killed it a couple more times in different parts of the bay area since this post. 

What’s the deal Scleranthus biflorus? We’ve tried to grow this a couple of times & have killed it every single time in a container & in the ground. After murdering so many of these in the past I was hesitant to bring one home again, but we had an opening on the sunny side of the garden. They have seemed to hate part shade & regular water from our previous experiments (I think Matti thought it needed a lot of water & gave it extra). This time around I split it up in to two chunks. This one above is right next to the sidewalk that gets a quick hose down once a week & is doing A-okay with its new Aeonium friends.

So about four feet away, maybe even three I stuck this unhappy camper in the ground (same as happy camper above). Notice the drip line just sticking out like a sore thumb a couple inches away? That’s the only difference between the two. A little bit of water drips out once a week for about 30-45 minutes. 

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