Plant nerd alert! We’re plant dorks based in the Bayview neighborhood of San Francisco who love connecting plants, driftwood and repurposed materials to create vertical plant mounts. We’re excited to debut our botanical t-shirt line that pairs our love for vintage prints and cool shirts.

We first moved to San Francisco from Madison, Wisconsin in 2007 where we found a one-bedroom apartment less than a block from Ocean Beach with an overgrown backyard. As avid Midwestern gardeners, we were in awe of all the cool things we could grow year round and started experimenting. After a couple years, we took City College’s Plant ID classes which made botanical Latin way less scary.

In 2012 we moved back to Madison and had our daughter Zoe (middle name Aloe). One year of real winter was enough, so we moved to Oakland in 2013. After a year of fun gardening in the sun and heat, we moved back to San Francisco. 

When we’re not gardening, we love checking out other gardens, road tripping and Willie Nelson concerts.