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Hi there! So you may have wondered what happened to the old blog and what’s up with these weird shirts for sale. We were hacked quite a few years ago and by luck some website sucked in all the info and we were able to kind of patch it back together. It really sucked. I finally decided to start fresh, while keeping some of the old posts (the ones that get the most clicks). You’d be surprised at how many people want to know how to divide Equisetum hyemale. I have tons more posts in me and am excited to keep blogging.  

The shirts are all public domain illustrations from way back in the day before they had iphones and people had to draw stuff instead. We like cool shirts and when Matti was in need of some new ones I ordered some via a print-on-demand service and they turned out great. As a weird shirt lover myself, I’ve had trouble finding a ladies shirt that fit right until now. It even hides all the extra Covid weight in a slimming way. We’ll get pictures of all of us wearing them soon. 

We still love plants and are excited to be heading back to Madison, Wisconsin this June.

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