Happy 420

Stoner friendly animals.

Happy 420, check out these cool kids from Marin chilling outside San Rafael Highschool getting ready to meet up at the Louis Pasteur statue wearing super rad shirts. Not really, but if you’re interested in the story about the “Waldos” who coined the term 420 back in the 70’s click here. Otherwise, smoke up and watch this wonderful sloth YouTube video along with our other stoner speed animals you can wear. I promise to only try to sell stuff every once in awhile. I’d also like to thank cannabis for all the inspiration it’s given me in our gardens over the years. It still makes me angry it’s illegal in many states, and often used to lock up people of color in disproportionate numbers compared to whites.

Oh look you can get shirts with sloths on them.

Oh look we have slow loris shirts, too!

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