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  • Linaria Flamenco Looking Fab

    Sept 10ish Linaria reticulata ‘Flamenco’ We’re thinking over some container ideas for the late winter / early spring planting time.  Last year we went with this Linaria reticulata ‘Flamenco’.  Man that’s been a gorgeous plant. Planted April 1st ish..no foolin For some reason, I thought we started this planting a lot earlier, but looks lie […]

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  • Blooming in July!

    Pelargonium trigonum miracle flower! Happy Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day! We’ve got some stuff blooming in the backyard. You might be thinking, “Hey, that’s a geranium flower. What’s exciting about that?”, but it’s a freak Pelargonium we picked up at a Succulent Society meeting. We still have the tag calling it Pelargonium trigonum, but I can’t […]

  • California Natives
  • Ferry Ride to Wild Tiburon Flower Fun

    Leaving the Ferry Building Memorial Day I took the ferry over to Tiburon to check out Old St. Hilary’s. I was googling around about wildflowers in Marin, and found this description from the landmarks society website “Wildflowers surround Old St. Hilary’s, Tiburon’s iconic hillside landmark, which was originally a mission church named for St. Hilaire, […]

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  • Classin’ Up The Joint

    Look at that crap hole! Last weekend we spent some quality time with the masses of crap junking up the place. At one point the red shopping cart full of plants seemed like a great idea. It pretty much turned in to a holder of sad looking abused succulent containers. Not pretty. It looks kind […]

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  • Party Time At Annie’s!

    Felicia aethiopica ‘Tight & Tidy’ Annie’s Annuals and Perennials Spring Party is happening this Saturday and Sunday! There’s so much fun stuff going on including a raffle to win a supermarket sweep shopping spree that I’m just going to send you straight to the party info source here. Annie’s has two SUPER SWEET speakers coming.  […]

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  • Hipsta SF Garden Show

    Yesterday I braved the pissing down rains and gusty winds to hit up the SF Flower and Garden Show in San Mateo. It’s interesting. Last year’s show was better, but I’m not going to go all Debbie downer here. After taking a couple crappy pictures with the DSLR, I decided to bust out the Hipstamatic […]

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  • Outerlands Succulent Gardens

    Lewd Aeonium We blogged about this amazing stretch of succulent awesomeness about a year ago. I’ve been in love with it ever since we moved to San Francisco. If you find yourself in the outerlands (Outer Sunset) of San Francisco, take a spin down the Great Highway frontage road near Rivera. Agave & friends Anyone […]

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  • Houseplanty Happiness

    Nepenthes sanguinea Mister Nepenthes sanguinea is getting huge! He’s been popping out pitchers fairly consistently, but they’re get bigger and bigger. I just busted out the tape measure, and they’re six inches long! Maybe the ant feed back in October has something to do with his success? Here’s another picture of Matti holding him up […]

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  • Hate it? Ditch it!

    Cape Honeysuckle Before Don’t get me wrong, Tecoma capensis (Cape Honeysuckle) is a decent plant if you have some space, and don’t hack the living crap out of it a month or two before it’s supposed to bloom (late fall through winter). I bought it about two  years ago, wooed by the picture on the […]

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  • March Bloomiferous Madness

    Wholly crap it’s doing something!!!! Happy Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day! Thanks to May Dreams Gardens for hosting blooms around the world on the 15th of every month. First up is our Guzmania (not really sure which one it is). This is one of our very first houseplants we brought home when we first moved to […]