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  • California Here We Come

    It’s true! We’re moving back to California. You may have noticed we’ve recently been facebooking and instagraming pics from California. We were back in San Francisco with a little side trip down to Monterey & Big Sur, but will be making the official move back from Wisconsin as soon as our lease is up at […]

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  • “The Domes” Tropical Time

    The Domes Last Sunday we roadtripped over to Milwaukee to check out the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory (The Domes) for some horticultural excitement.  I hadn’t been in years, but remember not being impressed the last time I was there. Built in the mid 60′s, The Domes were recently upgraded with new lighting and tons of […]

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  • Clarion Alley Murals

    Capitalism is Over – Clarion Alley Mural Going a bit off topic today for a quick street art fix.  No better place for an urban hike than the Mission hood…and the murals on Clarion Alley never lets us down. Capitalism is Over – Clarion Alley Mural Exactly where’s Clarion Alley?  This particular nugget is found […]

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  • Totally Tulipmania

    Tulipmania! This past weekend we headed to a part of town we rarely frequent, Fisherman’s Wharf. After a quick stop at the Ferry Building to load up on an assortment of free samples at the Farmers’ Market we headed down to Pier 39 to check out the Tulipmania. Warning there is nothing very “Far Out” […]

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  • Happy Birthday Matti!

    Agave Mustache Matti Happy Birthday to Matti today! He has reached a new decade which will remain anonymous, but let’s just say it starts with an f. Hurray!!!! Matti & Aloes Matti & Playland Matti in Mendocino     Share the love: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email Tumblr Google StumbleUpon Digg Google+ Megan Speckmann Categories: gardening […]

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  • Foredune Beach Plants

    Astragalus nuttallii – Ocean Bluff Milk Vetch We found these salt tolerant gems down at the Asilomar State Beach along the foredune.  I’m always amazed that plants can grow in such harsh conditions such as this Astragalus nuttallii (Ocean Bluff Milk Vetch).  I fell in love with the highly textured leaves, but its seed pods made […]

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  • Fiery Aloe Spikes

    Aloe arborescens – Krantz Aloe The Aloe arborescens are going crazy down in Pacific Grove, CA.  One of the best spots to see these blooming succulents is along Ocean View Blvd.  Take a stroll along the coastal path from the Pacific Grove Marine Gardens Park over to Hays Perkins Park…you won’t regret it.  (Update:  Sounds like the  […]

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  • I Love You Olbrich Gardens

    Bolz Conservatory, Olbrich Botanical Gardens I love Olbrich Botanical Gardens. It used to be a beautiful twenty minute bike ride from my old apartment, so I was there all the time. Especially during my old school photography class days. The outdoor gardens are totally free and the Bolz Conservatory only costs a buck. The Conservatory […]

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  • 3118 Cross Street

    My old backyard Last week I was back in Madison, Wisconsin (my rockin’ hometown) for a visit. It was cool to see a true fall for the first time in over five years. One of my first stops was the house I grew up in on. It always amazes me that my tetherball set up […]