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  • Clarion Alley Murals

    Capitalism is Over – Clarion Alley Mural Going a bit off topic today for a quick street art fix.  No better place for an urban hike than the Mission hood…and the murals on Clarion Alley never lets us down. Capitalism is Over – Clarion Alley Mural Exactly where’s Clarion Alley?  This particular nugget is found […]

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  • Happy Birthday Matti!

    Agave Mustache Matti Happy Birthday to Matti today! He has reached a new decade which will remain anonymous, but let’s just say it starts with an f. Hurray!!!! Matti & Aloes Matti & Playland Matti in Mendocino     Share the love: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email Tumblr Google StumbleUpon Digg Google+ Megan Speckmann Categories: gardening […]

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  • Fiery Aloe Spikes

    Aloe arborescens – Krantz Aloe The Aloe arborescens are going crazy down in Pacific Grove, CA.  One of the best spots to see these blooming succulents is along Ocean View Blvd.  Take a stroll along the coastal path from the Pacific Grove Marine Gardens Park over to Hays Perkins Park…you won’t regret it.  (Update:  Sounds like the  […]