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  • Spectacular Succulent Gardens

    Aloe polyphylla No trip to Monterey is complete without a stop at Succulent Gardens. The big Aloe polyphylla on the right was HUGE. It’s in a wine barrel. Caution, Succulents Matti’s been playing around, taking crazy pics with the panorama camera setting on his phone. Echeveria Aeonium Echeveria ‘Cassyz Winter’ all cresty That’s me on […]

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  • Dudleyas, Dudleyas, Dudleyas

    Dudleya & Lewisia hanging basket Love the hanging baskets of Dudleya and Lewisia at Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. I want it hanging in my backyard. SBBG has one of the best collections of Dudleya around. I want them all. Dudleya vicida Dudleya ‘White Sprite’ Dudleyafest Dudleya anomala Hurray for Dudleyas! Get more Dudleya action from […]

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  • SF Botanical Blooms

    Succulent Wonderland The day after Thanksgiving I headed up to the foggy SF Botanical Garden to see what was happening. The succulent section is looking super sweet right now with all the Aloe arborescens freaking out. They’re starting to go nuts in gardens all over town right now, too. Winter Aloe bloom time is one […]

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  • Senecio cristobalensis Down

    Senecio cristobalensis – Red Leaved Velvet Senecio The winter rains just starting here in SF.  About two weeks ago we came home to find our Senecio cristobalensis toppled over…probably due to the weight of the wet leaves in tandem with a little wind. Off topic for a second…can you believe this is a Senecio?  It […]

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  • DIY Succulent Pallet Table

    Max with the new Succulent Table. Can you believe that our latest DIY project was once just a couple of junky pallets and some scrappy table legs?  Crazy…if I didn’t have photos, I wouldn’t believe it myself.  Not too long ago, we whipped out a coffee table sized succulent table out of an old shipping […]

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  • Succulent Table Filling In

    It’s growing! In early February Matti blogged about his super sweet succulent table, well it just keeps getting better and better! Everything is filling in nicely. The Sempervivums are starting to pop out itty bitty babies, and the Sedum spathulifolium ‘Cape Blanco’ is about to bloom. Click on pics for a closer view. January 23, […]