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  • February Flowers

    Ferraria crispa Happy Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day! We’ve got all kinds of sweet stuff blooming right now, but this Ferraria crispa is the freakiest. It’s our first fancy South African bulb. The foliage on this guy is what sold me. So often SA bulbs have lame grassy leaves, but this guy is almost succulent. Blooms […]

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  • Senecio cristobalensis Down

    Senecio cristobalensis – Red Leaved Velvet Senecio The winter rains just starting here in SF.  About two weeks ago we came home to find our Senecio cristobalensis toppled over…probably due to the weight of the wet leaves in tandem with a little wind. Off topic for a second…can you believe this is a Senecio?  It […]