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  • Cool Container Town

    Containerville on the deck It’s been a super long time since I’ve blogged, but we’re trying to get back in action again. After losing the battery charger for our DSLR camera for six months it was miraculously found and I took some pics of the backyard recently including the deck. When you are fortunate enough […]

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  • Sprucing up Shiny

    Shiny Succulent Container – Nov 27, 2011 A tad past two years ago, I found this shiny object which I jammed packed with a ton O succulent cuttings. Well, it’s been way over due for a little sprucing up. Above is the result. Check out the side by side at the end. Shiny Succulent Container […]

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  • More Mendocino Flower Madness

    Brugmansia love If my last post about the bloomiferous Mendocino Gardens didn’t make you want to jump in the car and go, this post is should do it. It’s just pictures of the amazing gardens in town. I’m obsessed with Brugmansia sanguinea, and may have squealed when I saw this one covered in blooms. We’ve […]

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  • Make Over: Succulent Wagon

    The sad before About a year ago I blogged about the Little Red Wagon of Succulents for the first time. As you can see from the above shot, it’s been needing a makeover for awhile. I don’t always do a lot of pre-planning when I shove plants in things. When I first put this guy […]

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  • Grilling Up Succulents

    Succulent abuse Oh the humanity! I’ve been feeling kind of bad about these guys for awhile now. They look so sad all jammed in that shallow little box. They don’t get a lot of sun these days either, since they’re on the winter shade side of the patio. Back in the day Look at how […]

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  • Cool Creative Containers

    This month, Life on the Balcony’s Carnival o’ Blogs is all about using unconventional containers. On March 15th Fern will be posting all of the submissions on her great blog. Last month my Little Red Wagon of Succulents was a hit! After poking around the yard a little,  I found a few non-traditionally potted plants […]

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  • Succulent Box Goes Vertical

    Succulent box hung this weekend. We finally hung this vertical box fill with succulent clippings.  I have lost track exactly when this yard sale score was acquired, but we set it up to grow last October 2009. We love that San Francisco has yard sales, flea markets, etc. year round which provide an endless supply […]

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  • Thrift Store Succulent Storage

    Thrift Store Succulent Storage, Jan 2010 We were yard sale hunting one weekend early November and not having any luck.  Instead of packing it in, we headed to the Mission neighborhood to check out the thrift stores.  Strolling around in Thrift Town, we found this shiny object that looked like it had some promise. There […]