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  • Conservatory of Flowers Bloom Action

      Medinilla scortechinii (Orange Medinilla) The Conservatory of Flowers always has a great display of mesmerizing blooms.  It changes every time we visit and my favorite that day was this Medinilla scortechinii (Orange Medinilla).  The flower reminds me of a growing crystalline structure…very cool. Bro Bloom The conservatory is broken up into about 5 sections each with it own plant palette.  The […]

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  • Billions of Bromeliads

    Well maybe not billions… Thursday morning while picking up some pot liners at San Francisco Foliage (a sweet interior wholesale plant place)  I  had to take a quick ipic of the bromeliads. It’s bromeliad heaven. I couldn’t even get them all in the shot.  Here’s one of my favorite “Flaming Sword” Vriesea splendens with a […]