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  • Conservatory of Flowers Bloom Action

      Medinilla scortechinii (Orange Medinilla) The Conservatory of Flowers always has a great display of mesmerizing blooms.  It changes every time we visit and my favorite that day was this Medinilla scortechinii (Orange Medinilla).  The flower reminds me of a growing crystalline structure…very cool. Bro Bloom The conservatory is broken up into about 5 sections each with it own plant palette.  The […]

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  • Sunny San Francisco

    We flew in over the city Flying with an almost six month old was nerve-racking, but Zoe was great. No crying and lots of sleeping. Ripping up and trying to eat the Skymall magazine provided lots of entertainment. Our flight to SF arrived 30 minutes EARLY and we flew in down the coast over Marin […]

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  • Addicted to Instagram

    Tillandsia funckiana It’s official, I’m addicted to Instagram. I needed a new stationary hobby to do while feeding Zoe in addition to watching lots and lots of bad tv (she eats a lot). Yesterday we went to Olbrich Botanical Gardens to check out the Bolz Conservatory and get out of the house for a little […]

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  • Puya Alert! Puya Alert!

    Puya chilensis Freaky Bromeliad alert! On Friday I went to the San Francisco Botanical Garden for what may have been the last time while living here in SF. I must have spent at least four hours walking around visiting all my favorite plants. While wandering around the CA Native section back by the greenhouses I […]

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  • TED’s Garden

    Dudleya attenuata You know the term, a man’s man? Well if there’s such thing as a gardener’s garden…this is the place.  What a treat it was to visit Ted Kipping’s private oasis over in the Glen Park neighborhood.  When Ted isn’t traveling to exotic locations seeking out rare plants in habitat or working his business […]

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  • Utilitarian Franchise Garden

    Our Sweet new pillows. You never know where the garden world is going to take you.  We were out and about looking at some cool indie crafts down in Hayes Valley (SF), and these awesome octopus pillows caught our eye.  That’s were we met Tin of Utiltarian Franchise.  Turns out that not only does Tin […]

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  • Super Succulent Sale and Show

    Flowering cacti We got up bright and early to check out the SF Succulent and Cacti Society Show and Sale. I even won an Agave in their free raffle every half hour. It’s still going on today, June 12th from 9-5 at the County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park. Go check it out if […]

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  • Billions of Bromeliads

    Well maybe not billions… Thursday morning while picking up some pot liners at San Francisco Foliage (a sweet interior wholesale plant place)  I  had to take a quick ipic of the bromeliads. It’s bromeliad heaven. I couldn’t even get them all in the shot.  Here’s one of my favorite “Flaming Sword” Vriesea splendens with a […]

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  • Bromeliad Beautifulness

    A big red stalk shot out of my funky striped bromeliad I bought for only $5.00. Share the love: Facebook Email StumbleUpon Digg Categories: gardening | Tags: bromeliad, Flaming Sword, flowering, garden, indoor plant | Permalink