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  • Foredune Beach Plants

    Astragalus nuttallii – Ocean Bluff Milk Vetch We found these salt tolerant gems down at the Asilomar State Beach along the foredune.  I’m always amazed that plants can grow in such harsh conditions such as this Astragalus nuttallii (Ocean Bluff Milk Vetch).  I fell in love with the highly textured leaves, but its seed pods made […]

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  • The Driftwood King

    The King of Driftwood Mendocino rocks in so many ways, but its creative uses of driftwood push it over the edge to being super awesome. We love driftwood. When you live next to the beach you can get away with any sort of driftwood sculpture. Does anyone else see two scantily clad dancers frolicking on […]

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  • Sunset is talking about Outer Sunset

    A couple weeks ago we opened up our Sunset magazine to see an article about our neighborhood: San Francisco day trip: Outer Sunset. That picture was taken a half block away from our place, where the N Judah turns around. All of the places they mention are cool. We like living in the outerlands. Our […]