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  • Aloetastic Berkeley

    Aloe freakout It had been over a year since we last checked out UC Botanical Gardens Berkeley, so we decided to  go cross a bridge to take a look recently. The Aloes were looking fine, along with a slew of other South African natives that get their freak on this time of the year. I’m […]

  • DIY
  • Succulent Circle

    Succulent Circle (after) We’ve been eyeballing this project all last summer.  Just down the road from us along the Great Highway, there are some old garden plots marked by narrow one-foot concrete borders.  Most of them are abandoned and overgrow, but I remember that this garden circle was re-established about 2 years ago mostly with succulents.  You can see above what a 30 minute cleanup […]

  • Our Garden
  • Aloe and Baby Tears Don’t Mix

    Succulents Wonderland. Back, oh say…shortly after moving to SF, I had to have Baby’s Tears in the garden. It was part of my ‘I heart ground cover’ phase. Not long after planting the Tears, it aggressively started taking over. Seeing a rock encrusted with moss is one thing, but seeing all your succulent babies engulfed […]

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  • Berkeley Botanicals

    While delivering a library table yesterday in Berkeley CA, I was offered the pleasure to check out their back garden. It has a ton of beds, sitting areas, and garden art…but has been neglected for the past four years. Really…it has a sound foundation…it just needs a little plant shuffling. Red berries These fruits were […]

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  • Box of Succulents

    We’ve had this cute box just sitting around empty. Matti drilled some holes in the bottom; I threw down some screen and dirt. Then, I shoved the assortment of succulents I had sitting around and put some top dressing on (Matti hates that term) to make it look pretty. It was really grey, so I […]

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  • B n A Succulent Container

    Reason #47 Why We Love Gardening:  Before and After.  If you think a plant container looks good now…wait a couple weeks…chances are it will look even better. Succulent Container planted July 2009 We came across an old photo of this container full of succulents that we planted six months ago.  What we are looking at […]

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  • Backyard in Bloom

    This past weekend, the rain let up long enough to take a couple photos.  Here are some of the back garden plants in bloom. Aloes Aloe cv kg ‘Pink Blush’ in bloom. Aloe in bloom. Fuchsia in bloom. Fuchsia in bloom. Lavender in bloom. Lavandula sp in bloom. Honeysuckle in bloom. Lonicera sp in bloom. […]