• Flowers
  • Our Neighborhood Oakland Gardens

    Salvia confertiflora looking pretty with the purple trim I’ve been collecting pics of the neighborhood gardens via Instagram since we moved to Oakland in early July. The above is a garden on our block and I LOVE it. It’s a little edible and a little ornamental with lots of purple plants to match the house. […]

  • Nurseries
  • Agaves Gone Wild!

    Matti in a sea of succulents On the way back to Wisconsin last Spring we hit up Santa Barbara after our central coast stop. We checked out San Marcos Growers in a cool electric golf cart. Since we hadn’t been to Lotusland yet, it was quite possibly one of the coolest plant excursions we’d ever […]

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  • Prickly Parts

    Shaw’s Agave – Agave shawii It was as gorgeous morning when we cruised through the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden.  As you know we popped over to the Dudleya section first, but check out the color on this Shaw’s Agave (Agave shawii).  BTW, Rancho Reubidoux has some excellent pics on the A. shawii flower spike. Santa […]

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  • Mission Santa Barbara

    Mission Santa Barbara We hit Southern California over the holiday starting in Santa Barbara.  Wow, amazing how fast the use of succulents changes…can I say Agave attenuata galore.  After getting a tip, we swung by the Old Mission Santa Barbara. Kalanchoe sp. This isn’t your standard supermarket kalanchoe, but not certain of the species.  The […]

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  • Happy New Years Rehash

    Here’s our kind of lame list of the most popular blogs from the last year: Succulent Gardens Containers Succulent Gardens Containers was hands down the favorite of the year.  And why not…Robin Stockwell is the succulent king. What? Free Mulch Nothing is more fun than a little road trip adventure…even if  What? Free Mulch was […]

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  • Happy Roadside Holidays

    Happy Holidays Happy Holidays from Far Out Flora…Northern California Style!  The Northern Roadtrip to Northern CA was a success.  Here’s a taste of the roadside sweet finds such as this creepy santa tree just north of the Sea Ranch Chapel. Buoy House – somewhere along Coastal Hwy 1 Druid Cemetery – Cuffey’s Cove We made […]

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  • East Bay Agave Heaven

    Around every corner, UC Berkeley’s Botanical Garden has picturesque views of extraordinary plants.  We spent a lot of time admiring the Agaves. Hedgehog – Agave stricta Here’s a sweet bed of Agave stricta, aka Hedgehog.  With stiff, narrow leaves these guys will add a lot of texture to your succulent garden.  Cactus Blog has a […]

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  • Water Pollution Plants

    Southeast Water Pollution Control Plant After stopping at Flora Grubb on Sunday, we walked over to the corner of Jerrold and Phelps to take a look at the SE Water Pollution Control Plant garden. From what we could gather Flora hooked up the city with drought tolerant plants about two and half years ago or […]