• Flowers
  • Spring Flower Freakout

    Hurray for flowers! Did you know that I’m a flower freak? We still have lots succulents hanging around, but I’m flower crazy. This was taken about a month ago and many of those annuals have passed on to make room for a bunch of seedlings from past plants. Linaria reticulata ‘Flamenco’ the orangey red plant […]

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  • Wave Garden Wonderfulness

    Aeonium escobarii We finally checked out the fabulous Wave Garden at the end of October. I’ve known about it for a long time, seen tons of beautiful pictures of it, heck I worked in Richmond twice, so there’s really no good excuse for it taking us so long to actually go there in person.  The […]

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  • Fisherman’s Wharf Flowers

    Look over there! Flowers! From probably two months ago… we haven’t been the best at uploading pics in a timely manner and blogging in recent years. I do make real life Shutterfly books of Zoe’s adventures, but I feel bad about the whole not blogging much anymore. Some time back in August/September I took the […]

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  • Beneficial Insect Spotted

    It’s smiling On Halloween we found this cute little lady bug in our garden. Ladybug on the peas and dill This spent dill and volunteer pea have created a real life ladybug haven in our garden.   Sunflower ‘Japanese Silver-Leaf’ This sunflower has been covered in aphids for quite some time. There’s a constant stream […]

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  • Glass Pumpkin Garden

    Last weekend we hit up Cohn-Stone Studios in Richmond for their annual Glass Pumpkin Patch sale. Back before we had ever moved to California I worked for a catalog/website in Wisconsin called The Artful Home that features artists from North America. It was through them that I met Molly Stone via email and phone (their […]