• Our Garden
  • Our Hungry Little Caterpillar

    Back in September a visitor arrived on our pot of flat leaved parsley. Right before we moved back to Wisconsin from SF we had the pleasure of seeing some Anise swallowtails released in our garden thanks to Tim. This time one hatched out back all on its own. I’m all about planting for pollinators these […]

  • Flowers
  • Beneficial Insect Spotted

    It’s smiling On Halloween we found this cute little lady bug in our garden. Ladybug on the peas and dill This spent dill and volunteer pea have created a real life ladybug haven in our garden.   Sunflower ‘Japanese Silver-Leaf’ This sunflower has been covered in aphids for quite some time. There’s a constant stream […]

  • Containers
  • Lotsa Love for Lettuce

    Lettuce babies Way back in early April after the snow finally melted on our cinder block raised bed, I planted a bunch of lettuce seeds that were left over from my failed indoor lettuce growing experiment. It’s totally possible and easy to grow greens inside, I’ve done it before successfully. The key is you have […]

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  • Our Awesome August Garden

    Max in the flowers We hit the backyard jackpot here in Madison. Our fenced in backyard is not only spacious, it has great bones. Lots of perennials were already hanging out, so we just filled in with some annuals. We didn’t move in until June 1st, so in May I was buying and potting up […]

  • Our Garden
  • Baby Zoe Aloe Is Here!

    Baby Zoe & Megan After nearly two extra weeks of waiting, gorgeous Zoe Aloe (due August 30th) arrived on September 11th at 4:40PM weighing in at 7lbs 10ozs. We weren’t going to give her a botanical name, but couldn’t resist Aloe. Just check out all the cool species blooming in Berkeley in this old post, […]

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  • So Long San Francisco

    Last view from above We left town last Sunday and have been on a whirlwind road trip to Big Sur, the Central Coast, Santa Barbara, Yosemite and now South Lake Tahoe. In a couple hours we’ll be leaving the beautiful state of California for a day long drive through Nevada, on to Moab, UT and […]

  • California Natives
  • Awesome April Bloom Day

    Eschscholzia californica ‘Red Chief’ Happy Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day for the very last time from San Francisco. Thanks to everyone who came out for the big sale yesterday! It exceeded all our expectations so much so that we just added Monterey, Morro Bay and Santa Barbara as road trip stop overs on our way back […]

  • Our Garden
  • Succulent Sale-O-Rama Saturday!

    Succulents The garden is almost completely ripped out with the exception of some big herbaceous plants that wouldn’t deal well with being moved and the California natives. It still looks a million times better than when we moved in. Remember the mattress vine that ate half the yard and part of the house? Hopefully the […]

  • California Natives
  • Butterfly in the Sky

    Pipevine Swallowtail babies Three years ago I tracked down an Aristolochia californica from Bay Natives at the SF Garden Show. I had dreams of Pipevine Swallowtail caterpillars chomping on it, but so far they haven’t found it. I’ve heard it can take years… unless you get an awesome flickr message offering up babies in exchange […]