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  • Lotsa Love for Lettuce

    Lettuce babies Way back in early April after the snow finally melted on our cinder block raised bed, I planted a bunch of lettuce seeds that were left over from my failed indoor lettuce growing experiment. It’s totally possible and easy to grow greens inside, I’ve done it before successfully. The key is you have […]

  • Edibles
  • The Beautiful Edible Garden Giveaway

    The Beautiful Edible Garden When the good folks at Star Apple Edible and Fine Gardening asked us if we wanted to give away a copy of their brand new book The Beautiful Edible Garden, we were thrilled! The book is GORGEOUS and incredibly inspiring. We’ve been loving their work since seeing their fantastic show gardens […]

  • Containers
  • Oregon Sugar Pod a Poppin

    Oregon Sugar Pod II – Pisum sativum After ripping out the cherry tomatoes, we planted four Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow Pea Plants.  Can I say there’s nothing like harvesting a pea pod off the vine and popping it into your mouth?  Crispy, crunch, delicious.  Since we had some bad luck previously, we modified our planting container […]