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  • Cool Container Town

    Containerville on the deck It’s been a super long time since I’ve blogged, but we’re trying to get back in action again. After losing the battery charger for our DSLR camera for six months it was miraculously found and I took some pics of the backyard recently including the deck. When you are fortunate enough […]

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  • Oh My Organic Mechanics

    Succulent Crazyfest A couple weeks ago we hopped on MUNI and headed downtown to check out a couple of the Garden Conservancy’s Open Days gardens. Both gardens we visited were by the fantastic Organic Mechanics team of Sean Stout and James Pettigrew, including their own space. The first garden we checked out was at Hotel […]

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  • Loving Living Green Design

    Vertical coolness A couple days ago I took Zoe out in her plastic red car for a ride around the neighborhood that included a stop at Living Green Design. There are a bunch of crazy showrooms in one place with tons of cool things to look at. If you’re in the neighborhood definitely check it […]

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  • Tiny Trees at Lake Merritt

    Sierra juniper (Juniperus occidentalis var. australis) We’ve hit up the Grand Lake Farmers Market two weekends in a row, but this time we headed over to the Bonsai Garden at Lake Merritt first. If you missed out on last weeks visit check out this link. It’s a fabulous little garden filled with marvelous little trees. […]

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  • Lotsa Love for Lettuce

    Lettuce babies Way back in early April after the snow finally melted on our cinder block raised bed, I planted a bunch of lettuce seeds that were left over from my failed indoor lettuce growing experiment. It’s totally possible and easy to grow greens inside, I’ve done it before successfully. The key is you have […]

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  • Driftwood Insanity in the Sunset

    Succulent driftwood container of happiness About two years ago I blogged about this rock star of a garden in Outer Sunset. While walking the dog a couple weeks ago I ran in to it again and  it’s gotten better with age. Whoever created this work of garden awesomeness rocks! It’s on 44th avenue around Pacheco […]

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  • Linaria Flamenco Looking Fab

    Sept 10ish Linaria reticulata ‘Flamenco’ We’re thinking over some container ideas for the late winter / early spring planting time.  Last year we went with this Linaria reticulata ‘Flamenco’.  Man that’s been a gorgeous plant. Planted April 1st ish..no foolin For some reason, I thought we started this planting a lot earlier, but looks lie […]

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  • Oregon Sugar Pod a Poppin

    Oregon Sugar Pod II – Pisum sativum After ripping out the cherry tomatoes, we planted four Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow Pea Plants.  Can I say there’s nothing like harvesting a pea pod off the vine and popping it into your mouth?  Crispy, crunch, delicious.  Since we had some bad luck previously, we modified our planting container […]