Ocean Beach in the olden days….

photo:Rendy Lai Photography

Plant nerds, Megan and Matti from Madison, WI moved to the Outerlands of San Francisco in the Summer of 2007. They soon learned that you could toss a few succulents out in the sand and they would thrive without doing too much of anything. The forgiving California gardening season that spans year-long in this zone 10b, botanical heaven, transformed these Midwesterners in to hard core plant freaks. You name it they’ve probably tried to grow it, and quite possibly killed it more than once somewhere in the Bay Area. This includes Oakland and their current sunny spot in the Bayview. It rarely gets too hot or cold, making it perfect for all kinds of amazing plants from all over the world and California.

Zoe and the bubbles

Zoe and Max


Our Original Gardening Story:

We (Matti and Megan) live in San Francisco next to Ocean Beach and Golden Gate Park, a half block from the N-Judah turnaround. We’re plant nerds.  Succulents, bromeliads, carnivores and other weirdo plants are our faves. Both of us graduated from  the University of Wisconsin-Madison with art degrees.  Originally from the great state of Wisconsin, we lived in Madison off of Willy Street for many years before moving to San Francisco about four years ago.  Our favorite gardening quote by J.C. Raulston: “If you are not killing plants, you are not really stretching yourself as a gardener.”


Matti ripping out an Agave



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