Super Sage: Salvia iodantha

When we moved back to California after a year in Wisconsin, I added Salvias to the list of plants I collect. Pelargoniums, Euphorbias, Fuchsias and Sansevierias are all on the list. If you want hummingbirds to fight over your garden all winter long Salvia iodantha is it. It’s also on my top 5 favorite plants growing in the backyard right now list.

It’s hard to believe this little strip of dirt was completely empty a little over two years ago. I planted the now ginormous S. iodantha from a wee 4″ pot.

All winter long it pops out these awesome hot pink blooms. The hummingbird loves it so much, he doesn’t even care when I walk up to him.

It’s a sprawler, but our neighbor’s fig tree has gotten big enough to act as a support for it. I’ve been able to easily root it by cuttings if anyone nearby wants some.

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  1. sara says:

    wow! mine, of a similar age, is doing well too and with much less light. i will have to try taking cuttings. have you cut yours back much? i think i need to do that more agressively to make mine bushier.

  2. I hacked at it last spring quite a bit, and feel like I probably should have hacked at it a little bit more this summer as it’s pretty lanky at the top.

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