Melianthus and Friends

We got to start our garden from scratch at our Bayview rental, so I went a little crazier with plants that get big fast. Our neighbor’s yards are not as nice as ours (that’s being very kind), so blocking out all bits of their yards is the end goal. Planting the Melianthus next to the stairs may not have been a great choice but I still love it, whiteflies and all. I do wish I could have gotten my hands on the ‘Purple Haze’ version…

Here’s another view that shows what a lame spot I chose, but I’m not afraid to hack at it. It’s fun to chop off the leaves covered with sooty mold caused by the nasty whiteflies, too. Do you see Max?

Zinnias and Epilobium keep all the birds, butterflies and bees happy.

This corner scares me a little bit. It needs a good hacking, but I’m going to wait another month or two. I’m surprised the Leucadendron is still hanging in there, it seems to attract some sort of caterpillar that chews up the buds. I read that they don’t like to be crowded, so we’ll see. I have a thing for Pelargoniums in all shapes and sizes. Check out the crazy curly leaves on the one in the pot. I can spend hours on the Geraniaceae website ogling them. Many in my collection have come from Robin. They’re also really easy to propagate from cuttings.

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  1. botanizeme says:

    Well, that brings back memories, sooty mold and whitefly on melianthus. I haven’t had that problem with ‘Purple Haze,’ and it’s one of the main reasons for not growing the species anymore, that and the constant cutting back. But I have to say the leggy gorgeousness of yours shows the species does have its attributes. The Bayview garden is looking amazing!

    1. Man, that makes me wish we had ‘Purple Haze’ even more. I don’t mind the constant hacking at it part though. There’s something rewarding about hacking off the nasty leaves.

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