Our Bayview Backyard

We’ve been gardening at our rental here in the sunny Bayview neighborhood of San Francisco for over two years and things are starting to get big. When we moved in there was nothing except bare dirt. Thankfully the folks flipping the house set up irrigation with a timer, so we didn’t have to mess with that. I love our Ceiba speciosa tree planted in a big container. It’s grown fast with my fairly frequent feedings.

A couple months ago my glorious Salvia confertiflora that was in this spot died. I cracked the base of the plant when it was a baby and something finally found its way in to kill it. I also had a big Plectranthus here that I didn’t like, so I ripped it out along with a few other misfits. That purple Salvia ‘Amistad’ was a little 4″er about two months ago.

I never thought I’d be planting Coleus here in San Francisco, but it’s so darn pretty.

The Deppea splendens has had a few blooms here and there starting a couple months ago, but it looks like it’s getting ready to pop a bunch all at once in a few weeks. I wish I would have pulled that yellow leaf off before I took the picture. Check out our ginormous Salvia iodantha behind the Deppea. It’s over 12 feet high and getting ready to bloom through winter. I’ve gone a little Salvia crazy lately, but they’re so much fun. The hummingbirds go nuts for them, too.

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  1. Loree says:

    Over 2 years? You guys have been back for that long? Time flies…

    There seem to be a lot fewer succulents in this garden. Was that a conscious decision?

    1. We lived in Oakland for a year, so we’ve been back for over 3 years. I’m having so much fun with trees, shrubs, and flowers. Part of the plan was to block the views of our crappy next door neighbor’s yards with bird/bee/butterfly plants, so I went with some things that get big relatively quickly. There are still a decent amount of succulents jammed back there, including Matti’s “crack” garden. We have the succulent table and succulent gutters, too.

      1. Jerry says:

        Great to see you posting again. In July, 2016, I stayed in the Berkeley Hills with Bernard Maybeck architecture all around. Invited to a very private garden in the lower Oakland Hills – WHOA.

  2. Kristi says:

    Beautiful! a bit of paradise in the city

  3. Lovely! You must be in a part of SF that gets enough sun for such lovely blossoms. Well done.

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