Oh My Organic Mechanics

Succulent Crazyfest

A couple weeks ago we hopped on MUNI and headed downtown to check out a couple of the Garden Conservancy’s Open Days gardens. Both gardens we visited were by the fantastic Organic Mechanics team of Sean Stout and James Pettigrew, including their own space. The first garden we checked out was at Hotel Mark Twain. These wonderful succulent containers were part of the rooftop garden.

More rooftop succulent insanity

Funky fountain

This space is called The Humming Bird garden and it would make a fabulous place to hang out with a drink from the adjacent bar. We even saw a hummingbird while we were there.

Checking out the fountain and looking cute

Zoe loves water and throwing things in to water.

Feeding the fish

Sadly, I didn’t get many pics with my crappy iphone from the designer’s great garden. Zoe had tons of fun feeding the fish.