Sweet, Sweet, Sweet Peas (Lathyrus odoratus)

Sweet peas and friends

One of my all time favorite spring annuals are sweet peas. Some time in February, maybe early March I planted ‘Cupani’ and ‘Black Knight’. I will plant ‘Cupani’ every year wherever I live, as it is the cutest, most fragrant and even historical sweet pea around. Even after a few 95 degree days it’s still holding up strong, though I think its days are numbered to. There are a couple tomatoes hiding underneath the sweet pea insanity going on there.

Sweet pea bouquets

Here’s a little history of some of my many mini bouquets over the past month or two on instagram. Cutting little sweet pea bouquets is one of my favorite gardening activities, plus the more you cut the more flowers you’ll get. It’s just like early dead heading.

Zoe’s spot

We put Zoe’s little chair in the garden in hopes it would stop her from ripping out the strawberry plants and it worked. She sits back there and plays with the mulch. She still likes to eat up all of the green berries…

Zoe hanging next to the sweet peas