Agaves Gone Wild!

Matti in a sea of succulents

On the way back to Wisconsin last Spring we hit up Santa Barbara after our central coast stop. We checked out San Marcos Growers in a cool electric golf cart. Since we hadn’t been to Lotusland yet, it was quite possibly one of the coolest plant excursions we’d ever been on. The place is huge and full of really cool plants. Please note that the nursery is wholesale only and not open to the public, but they have one of the finest websites around for succulent and rare plant information. Here’s a taste of their crazy Agave selection:


Agave americana var. marginata

Agave salmiana ‘Green Giant’

Agave ‘Cornelius’ – Quasimoto Agave

We need one of these. After getting stabbed by our big, kind of crappy Agave americanas all the time, I think we’ll be going with shrimpier agaves in the future. I couldn’t even look at these pictures before I knew we were moving back. It was too sad.

Agave tequilana ‘Sunrise’

Gratuitious Agave shot

Agave isthmensis

Agave lophantha ‘Splendida’

I want this one, too!

Agave ‘Sharkskin Shoes’

Agave bracteosa ‘Monterrey Frost’

I’m not always a fan of variegation, but I’m loving it in all these agaves.


Agave potatorum ‘Mariscal’

Agave franzosinii

Hurray for Agaves!

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