California Here We Come

It’s true! We’re moving back to California. You may have noticed we’ve recently been facebooking and instagraming pics from California. We were back in San Francisco with a little side trip down to Monterey & Big Sur, but will be making the official move back from Wisconsin as soon as our lease is up at the end of May.

Since we moved Matti has been working for Flora Grubb Gardens remotely from the frozen tundra doing reporting things that require spreadsheets and other things I don’t understand, but will increase these geeky things in the SF office. I’ll be taking care of the web shop action and have exciting plans for expanding the awesomeness on that front.

Let us know if you just happen to have a spare two bedroom house, in-law or apartment in need of a great garden, that’s available around June and dog friendly. We loved living in Outer Sunset and would happily move back, but are open to many options. We can’t wait to be back!

Here are a few pics from the trip:

Matti next to the Bixby Bridge

Big Sur Spirit Garden

SF Botanical Garden Aloe flower fest

We’re sorry if we missed hanging out with you while we were back. Matti worked a good chunk of the time in SF and I did something unfortunate to my foot that made getting around pretty painful. Combined with a good dose of extreme sleep deprivation, I spent the last part of the trip sitting on a couch in a zombie like state watching trashy tv… Here’s a link to more pics we took on the trip.

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