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Allen Centennial Gardens

Long time no blog! We’re still alive and well. Made it to Madison, Wisconsin. It’s been one of the hottest, driest summers ever. I’ve been known to call it, “hell on earth”. Between the hormones and swollen feet it hasn’t been pretty, but then it happened. We’ve had consecutive days with temps below 80 and regular rain again. The grass turned from crunchy dead straw back to green and trees stopped dying.  My feet didn’t swell up for five days in a row, too. Last Sunday we took advantage of the weather and checked out Allen Centennial Gardens on the UW campus (I’m due August 30th).


Not sure what cultivar this guy is, but I’m loving the dark red foliage. We’re going for more annuals in our garden these days since we’re renting and don’t have access to the coolest free/severely discounted plants in town. I like the instant gratification of big, flowery annuals. With a shorter growing season I don’t have the patience for perennials to establish themselves these days. We were also blessed with some nice perennial bones. Don’t freak out, but I’m not all about succulents anymore and more about big bee/butterfly/hummingbird attracting blooms.

Amaranthus caudatus “Love-Lies-A-Bleeding”

Our Amaranthus

Here are our guys. Not sure what type they are, but they’re just starting to get blooms. I picked up plants from a vendor at the Farmer’s Market who was growing some old school (heirloomy) annuals for crazy cheap in mid-June.  I’ve added more pics of our backyard to flickr if you feel like checking them out.  Next spring we need to move some stuff around like that iris at the front of the bed and we’ll start more cool annuals next year.

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