Super Succulent Moving Sale


Anyone need some Aloe zanzibarica?

On Saturday, April 14th from 9-5 at 1344 La Playa Street we’ll be having our super succulent garage sale! This past Saturday after a mini-breakdown (thanks extra hormones, for making this process even more difficult) we started pulling apart the garden to get ready for the succulent sale. It’s kind of crazy how many plants we have including that lovely Aloe zanzibarica above. We broke it apart in to chunks so more people can enjoy it. Most of our succulents will be in cutting form as it was just easier to chop them out of the garden.  Besides plants, we’ll also have tons of containers, some books and other random junk we need to get rid of before heading back to Wisconsin. Parking is usually pretty easy in these parts, unless it’s a ridiculously nice beach day. Don’t have a car? We’re only a half a block away from the N-Judah turnaround. If you have boxes or old flat trays, bring them with as we have limited options for carrying stuff away. Cash only please. Here are a few more pics of what we ripped out so far:

Senecio vitalis by the bucketload

Graptoveria ‘Fred Ives’ & Oscularia deltoides

Graptopetalum & bargain basement plants


Matti & one of many mystery Aeoniums

This is only a wee taste of the mass quantities of plants we’ll have available. Hope to see you!

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