• Botanical Gardens
  • Puya Alert! Puya Alert!

    Puya chilensis Freaky Bromeliad alert! On Friday I went to the San Francisco Botanical Garden for what may have been the last time while living here in SF. I must have spent at least four hours walking around visiting all my favorite plants. While wandering around the CA Native section back by the greenhouses I […]

  • California Natives
  • Awesome April Bloom Day

    Eschscholzia californica ‘Red Chief’ Happy Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day for the very last time from San Francisco. Thanks to everyone who came out for the big sale yesterday! It exceeded all our expectations so much so that we just added Monterey, Morro Bay and Santa Barbara as road trip stop overs on our way back […]

  • Our Garden
  • Succulent Sale-O-Rama Saturday!

    Succulents The garden is almost completely ripped out with the exception of some big herbaceous plants that wouldn’t deal well with being moved and the California natives. It still looks a million times better than when we moved in. Remember the mattress vine that ate half the yard and part of the house? Hopefully the […]

  • California Natives
  • Butterfly in the Sky

    Pipevine Swallowtail babies Three years ago I tracked down an Aristolochia californica from Bay Natives at the SF Garden Show. I had dreams of Pipevine Swallowtail caterpillars chomping on it, but so far they haven’t found it. I’ve heard it can take years… unless you get an awesome flickr message offering up babies in exchange […]

  • Our Garden
  • Super Succulent Moving Sale

    e Anyone need some Aloe zanzibarica? On Saturday, April 14th from 9-5 at 1344 La Playa Street we’ll be having our super succulent garage sale! This past Saturday after a mini-breakdown (thanks extra hormones, for making this process even more difficult) we started pulling apart the garden to get ready for the succulent sale. It’s […]