Merry March Bloom Day

Eschscholzia californica

Happy March Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day! I have to admit I’ve been kind of bloom picture taking slacker lately (some of these pics are from a week or two ago). The California poppies are in action out back and they’re cabbage looper free so far. Last year all our poppies were covered in holes and little green caterpillars. I’m not bitter.

Grill full o’plants

So the crazy orange flowered Lotus maculatus (parrot’s beak) has been blooming its little heart out for months and months. It doesn’t stop. I shake the spent blooms off now and then and trim parts of it that start strangle the other plants in the grill.

Gilia capitata

The California native section is starting to take off and after all the rain stops in the next few days stops it’s going to be insane. I’m a big fan of all the Gilias.

Awesome Aeonium

The Aeoniums have been a bit sad with so little rain this winter. We’re not seeing very many blooms. It looks like birds have been hitting the leaves of this guy (a free score from a neighborhood garage sale a couple years back).

Aristolochia californica

The pitcher party is almost over and the leaf (crazy freak out take over the world) party is taking over. This pic was taken at the start of the month.

Helleborus foetidus ‘Gold Bullion’

Our one and only hellebore is doing its thing. I was hoping it would be a little more gold, but still love it. If you crush the leaves it’s supposed to stink hence it’s common name “Stinking hellebore”. We’ll have to give it a try to experience the stench.

Crested Euphorbia ‘Tiny Tim’

As soon as the rain started all of the freakazoid crested blooms weighed down this poor plant, so they’re no longer standing up.

Crested Euphorbia ‘Tiny Tim’

How can you not love the monster like blooms?


Kalanchoe prolifera

I can’t believe how long this thing has been going for. We lost a stalk in a wind storm a month or two ago, but this one’s still standing tall.

Kalanchoe prolifera & friends

Thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting the flower share-a-thon!


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