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  • Happy Birthday Matti!

    Agave Mustache Matti Happy Birthday to Matti today! He has reached a new decade which will remain anonymous, but let’s just say it starts with an f. Hurray!!!! Matti & Aloes Matti & Playland Matti in Mendocino     Share the love: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email Tumblr Google StumbleUpon Digg Google+ Megan Speckmann Categories: gardening […]

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  • Big Daddy Antiques

    Succulents, Rust and Wood We’ve wanted to visit Big Daddy’s Antiques forever and final made it this past weekend during a mini SF roadtrip.  This place has all our favorites…rusty old objects, outsider art, flea market finds, and even a couple of succulents scattered about.  Speaking of plants, this wall of shelves cool.  What a great […]