• Succulent Circle

    Succulent Circle (after) We’ve been eyeballing this project all last summer.  Just down the road from us along the Great Highway, there are some old garden plots marked by narrow one-foot concrete borders.  Most of them are abandoned and overgrow, but I remember that this garden circle was re-established about 2 years ago mostly with succulents.  You can see above what a 30 minute cleanup […]

  • California Natives
  • Foredune Beach Plants

    Astragalus nuttallii – Ocean Bluff Milk Vetch We found these salt tolerant gems down at the Asilomar State Beach along the foredune.  I’m always amazed that plants can grow in such harsh conditions such as this Astragalus nuttallii (Ocean Bluff Milk Vetch).  I fell in love with the highly textured leaves, but its seed pods made […]

  • California Natives
  • January Bloominess

    First Coreopsis gigantea bloom Happy Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day! We don’t have a whole lot going on in the bloom department right now, but are crazy excited our Coreopsis gigantea  just started to bloom. We had a little gopher scare with it a couple weeks ago. I walked out one morning to find it completely […]

  • Succulents
  • Fiery Aloe Spikes

    Aloe arborescens – Krantz Aloe The Aloe arborescens are going crazy down in Pacific Grove, CA.  One of the best spots to see these blooming succulents is along Ocean View Blvd.  Take a stroll along the coastal path from the Pacific Grove Marine Gardens Park over to Hays Perkins Park…you won’t regret it.  (Update:  Sounds like the  […]

  • Botanical Gardens
  • Ginormous Mystery Nepenthes

    Gigantoid Nepenthes After checking out Playland at the Conservatory of Flowers we checked out the other plants. I almost shouted several swear words when I spotted these 18″ long mega-pitchers, but there were small children present. Anyone know what it is? Matti for some scale Here’s Matti for a little bit of scale. Here are […]

  • Containers
  • Oregon Sugar Pod a Poppin

    Oregon Sugar Pod II – Pisum sativum After ripping out the cherry tomatoes, we planted four Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow Pea Plants.  Can I say there’s nothing like harvesting a pea pod off the vine and popping it into your mouth?  Crispy, crunch, delicious.  Since we had some bad luck previously, we modified our planting container […]