Happy New Years Rehash 2011

Senecio articulatus

Senecio articulatus – Candle Plant

What? 2011 is almost over….that’s crazy talk.  Let’s rewind and take a look at our 5 hottest garden posts of 2011.  We love traveling around checking out gardens, finding funky plants, and sharing them with you.  We want to give a BIG shout out to all our Far Out Flora peeps.  We <3 you guys!  …now onward to your top 5 for 2011.

Simply Succulent = Sweet! was written shortly after our first visit to the Simply Succulent Nursery up in Fort Bragg, CA.  This place is stuff to the hilt with fun plants, including this Senecio articulatus (Candle Plant, aka Hot Dog Cactus).  Definitely recommend you swing by this place if you’re ever in the area.

DIY Pallet Succulent Table

DIY Succulent Pallet Table

Hands down, DIY Succulent Pallet Table was our reader’s favorite of 2011.  Shortly after our succulent table was completed, it was on display at Sunset Magazine’s test garden for their summer party.  They loved it too and put it in their Aug issue.  Pretty sweet.

Petunia exserta

Petunia exserta

We packed in a bunch of new funky plants in 2011 including this rare Petunia exserta.  Take a peek at October in Bloom, it really shows how our garden can shine.

Lobelia excelsa - Tabaco del diablo (Devil's Tobacco)

Lobelia excelsa – Tabaco del diablo (Devil’s Tobacco)

No surprise that we spend a ton O time at Strybing Arboretum.  It’s just up the road from us and always something exciting to see in the plant world like this Lobelia excelsa (Tabaco del diablo).  Of all the trips, Strybing Super Flowers was a fan fave.

Succulent Grill

Succulent Grill

After sick to death of looking at this crappy old Grill in our backyard, we finally cleaned it up and planted the sucker.  I’m not certain who thought of it first, but Grilling Up Succulents is that perfect easy weekend project.   Besides being easy to move around the yard, we keep planting new stuff in it all the time.

Can get enough?  Check out our top 5 garden blogs of 2010, OR get on our Far Out Flora Facebook and never miss out on our garden adventures.  I hear 2012 is gonna be one fab year.

– Far Out Flora

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