Flashback: Kalanchoe prolifera

Kalanchoe prolifera all grown up

Matti recently uploaded some super old, embarrassing pics of yesteryear (2.5-3 years ago) to our flickr account. If you want a good laugh, or inspiration that a pit of a not so great garden can turn in to something not so bad, check out the set. About a year ago we started keeping track of pics in our backyard in an organized fashion on flickr, making it really easy to go back and freak out at what our garden looked like a year ago. I’m a sucker for before & afters, so the Flashback posts might become more regular. Our little baby Kalanchoe prolifera is all grown up and looks like it’s going to shoot out some flowers soonish. It’s even taller than me! I do admit it’s not the classiest of succulents in the looks department. Kind of gangly and awkward, but I still love it.

Oh look! There’s a semi-crappy looking container with succulents in it. I’m currently trying to keep a weirdo Sedum from the isle of Cyprus alive in the right hand (empty looking) spot. So far I’ve only killed one of these cool plants, but it’s not looking so good for this second guy either. I’m hoping if I wait out the “collapse” phase good things will happen. It is a succulent after all.

Kalanchoe prolifera baby last November

So, we picked up this freaky little dude about two years ago in Morro Bay. Light Brown Apple Moth (horrible, horrible creature from Australia who thankfully seems to have taken a little nap recently) took a liking to it this summer, along with quite a few of our succulents including the Sedum I mentioned above. I hate to kill the spawn of butterflies and moths, but I busted out the BT on a pretty regular basis this summer in an effort to battle it. Dang LBAM went nuts on a bunch of non-succulents, too. It had no problem flying around the apartment taunting us when the windows were open at night either, which is how I made a positive identification as it clung to the side of the laptop monitor.

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