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  • Happy New Years Rehash 2011

    Senecio articulatus – Candle Plant What? 2011 is almost over….that’s crazy talk.  Let’s rewind and take a look at our 5 hottest garden posts of 2011.  We love traveling around checking out gardens, finding funky plants, and sharing them with you.  We want to give a BIG shout out to all our Far Out Flora […]

  • California Natives
  • TED’s Garden

    Dudleya attenuata You know the term, a man’s man? Well if there’s such thing as a gardener’s garden…this is the place.  What a treat it was to visit Ted Kipping’s private oasis over in the Glen Park neighborhood.  When Ted isn’t traveling to exotic locations seeking out rare plants in habitat or working his business […]

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  • December Bloominess

    Dahlia imperialis ‘Double White’ Happy Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day! We’ve got tons of cool stuff blooming right now including the tallest plant we’ve ever grown Dahlia imperialis ‘Double White’. There were a bunch of big babies in one gallons at Annie’s that needed a new home, so I took one home not knowing which tree […]

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  • SF Botanical Blooms

    Succulent Wonderland The day after Thanksgiving I headed up to the foggy SF Botanical Garden to see what was happening. The succulent section is looking super sweet right now with all the Aloe arborescens freaking out. They’re starting to go nuts in gardens all over town right now, too. Winter Aloe bloom time is one […]

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  • Awesome New Alpines

    The New Alpiney Container I’ve been wanting to give some Saxifrags & a few other shorty plants a shot for a couple months & this big honking container didn’t have anything going on, so I made my alpine garden dreams come true. The little dude front & center is Maihuenia poeppigii. It’s a funky little […]

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  • Sprucing up Shiny

    Shiny Succulent Container – Nov 27, 2011 A tad past two years ago, I found this shiny object which I jammed packed with a ton O succulent cuttings. Well, it’s been way over due for a little sprucing up. Above is the result. Check out the side by side at the end. Shiny Succulent Container […]

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  • Vintage Gardeny Gifts

    Vintage Planter Cuteness! Our good friend Amy was just in San Francisco visiting from Madison where she scours estate sales and the best St. Vinnie’s ever to find funky awesome stuff for her etsy shop Dairy Heiress. How cute are those planters above? Click on any of the pictures to be whisked away to the […]