November Blooms

Helenium autumnale ‘Helena Red Shades’

Happy November Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day! This is the time of the year when we start to feel a little guilty about having all kinds of stuff blooming, not too guilty. Maybe two months ago I stuck Helenium autumnale ‘Helena Red Shades’  in a container on the part shade side of the garden not expecting much, but I’m loving it.

Lotus maculatus explosion

It’s a waterfall of orangey goodness! We flipped the grill container around a month or two ago & the Lotus is going nuts.

Crassula falcata

We ripped out a big Crassula falcata last winter, but a kept a couple chunks around. This one’s looking remarkably clean. The old one was pretty spotty. Seems to be cool with part shade.

Crassula corymbulosa


Cestrum ‘Newellii’

Aloe arborenscens

Tropaeolum tuberosum & Eccremocarpus

The hummingbirds have been going nuts for the Tropaeolum tuberosum. Just when I think that the Eccremocarpus scaber ‘Cherry Red’ is dead it busts out with another flower.

Asclepias physocarpa

I thought this plant was a goner back in August/September. It was getting beat to crap by light brown apple moths & pretty much looking pitiful, but it looks like we’re going to see some “Family Jewel” action soon. It’s happy & covered in flowers.

Faucaria sp.

Nemophila menziesii “Baby Blue Eyes”

I’m hooked on Nemophilas. I’ve heard snails love them, but so far we’ve been lucky.

Nemophila menziesii ‘Penny Black’

Nemophila menziesii ‘Penny Black’ is one of my favorite annuals on the planet. I’ll be jamming this plant in to nooks and crannies forever. Tons of my favorite CA native spring annuals are back at Annie’s along with poppies & sweet peas.

Petunia exserta still looking sexy

Cuphea cyanea “Pink Cigar Plant”

Happy Blooms!







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