3118 Cross Street

My old backyard

Last week I was back in Madison, Wisconsin (my rockin’ hometown) for a visit. It was cool to see a true fall for the first time in over five years. One of my first stops was the house I grew up in on. It always amazes me that my tetherball set up is still there. That pole is over twenty years old, but someone keeps upgrading the ball. Check out those amazing oak trees! We lived without a functioning garage to keep those puppies alive, which meant lots of scraping ice and snow off windshields (totally worth it). Okay, I’m going to be honest here. I had a post for Dia de los Muertos going earlier. Both of my parents ashes were sprinkled at the bases of those sweet trees. Mom got the front tree and dad got the back. It’s been over ten years since they died, but I have to give my dad big credit for giving me the plant bug early on.

Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ (I think)

Plantwise the terraces have changed quite a bit over the years. My dad used to have to lower a lawnmower down the hill on a rope to mow, back in the day until he  built the first terraces in the early 90′s. He was also a hobby propagator, starting all kinds of plants under lights in our basement. It was far more diverse. We got every seed and bulb catalog out there when I was growing up.

My Pretty House

The three little windows poking out on the second floor were in my bedroom. It had slanty walls. Not so sure what I think about some of the big shrubs & stuff going on, but the current owners probably don’t have a kid to send out to deadhead and weed. I was always given a big section on the top to plant random vegetables I refused to eat & was pretty attached to quite a few of our old perennials. My dad let me pick out a lot of plants. I loved climbing around like a monkey on those terraces.

The other view

Here’s the other side of the house with an even better idea of how big those oaks out back are. A little over a year ago I did a little post about the old place in honor of my mom, if you want to see what the old place looked like in the olden days. It’s been fancied up since I lived there.

Megan 97′ (date the fancy new terraces went in, my mom made me do it)



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