Senecio cristobalensis Down

Senecio cristobalensis catastrophe

Senecio cristobalensis – Red Leaved Velvet Senecio

The winter rains just starting here in SF.  About two weeks ago we came home to find our Senecio cristobalensis toppled over…probably due to the weight of the wet leaves in tandem with a little wind.

Off topic for a second…can you believe this is a Senecio?  It has giant velvet like leaves…green on top and purple on the underside.  It gets big, 6-10 feet tall and wide, easily pruned and one of the most bizarre Senecios I’ve seen in awhile.

qFixing the plant.

Fixing the Senecio cristobalensis

After assessing the damage, there didn’t appear to be an breakage in the stem.  We hammered in a four foot stake halfway into the soil and tied it up at the base.  Not too tight…it can swagger freely.  Should be good to go now.

– Far Out Flora

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