• DIY Succulent Bar

    Succulents DIY style. Update: Urban Bazaar is no long open. Can we say that Urban Bazaar Rocks!?!  Since last time we visited them on 9th Ave and Judah in San Francisco, they added a whole new aspect of coolness called the Succulent Bar.  You come…pick out your pot, pick out your plant, and do it […]

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  • Senecio cristobalensis Down

    Senecio cristobalensis – Red Leaved Velvet Senecio The winter rains just starting here in SF.  About two weeks ago we came home to find our Senecio cristobalensis toppled over…probably due to the weight of the wet leaves in tandem with a little wind. Off topic for a second…can you believe this is a Senecio?  It […]

  • Flowers
  • October In Bloom

    Scabiosa & West Coast Lady Happy Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day! A big shout out to May Dreams Garden for hosting the worldwide flower sharing fest. Lots of repeats from recent months past, but we still have plenty o’flowery action happening out back. We’re not really sure which Scabiosa this is (it was a mystery freebie […]

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  • Aloe and Baby Tears Don’t Mix

    Succulents Wonderland. Back, oh say…shortly after moving to SF, I had to have Baby’s Tears in the garden. It was part of my ‘I heart ground cover’ phase. Not long after planting the Tears, it aggressively started taking over. Seeing a rock encrusted with moss is one thing, but seeing all your succulent babies engulfed […]

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  • Quarryhill Airing Autumn Blooms

    Lilium speciosum – Japanese Lily Check out these Lilies (Lilium speciosum)…deliciously gorgeous. We finally made it over to Quarryhill Botanical Garden located just north of SF in Glen Ellen, CA. They focus on Asian plants where seeds are collected from the wild. Don’t worry…they go through legal channels. Platycodon grandiflorus – Chinese Bellflower Though not […]