The Driftwood King

The King of Driftwood

Mendocino rocks in so many ways, but its creative uses of driftwood push it over the edge to being super awesome. We love driftwood. When you live next to the beach you can get away with any sort of driftwood sculpture. Does anyone else see two scantily clad dancers frolicking on the right hand side of this picture?

Driftwood Horse

It’s a super cool gigantoid driftwood horse in front of the Mendocino Art Center! There were lots of cool, reasonably priced sculptures everywhere in the cute garden.

Driftwood Flower Arch

A flowery arch of driftwood goodness!

Driftwood Doorway

This is the charming backside of the amazing Mendocino garden we posted about a couple weeks ago. When you live next to the ocean why not go crazy with driftwood? I’ve always wondered about the legalities of taking driftwood from California beaches, and after doing a wee bit of googling it looks like each place is unique. Quite a few places seem to encourage it. I even saw a post about getting a permit for carrying away as much as possible from a state park. Anyone have any other info about it?


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